Band Members



Old man of the band. Father of Aaron. Needs a haircut. Plays Bass, does Vocals, occasional Keyboard, Tambourine and Harmonica. 

Favourite food, Cheese. Favourite drink, Old Mout ciders. Favourite band, The Beatles. Favourite rock star, Freddie Mercury. Favourite holiday venue, La Palma. Favourite colour Yellow. Favourite smell, Caramac. Favourite Comedian, Eric Morecambe. Favourite word, Pamplemousse (French for grapefruit!) Favourite Grandchild, ALL of them !! Favourite TV Show, Only Connect.



Son of Graham. Has had a sharp haircut. Plays Lead Guitar. Does Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Banjo, Keyboard, Ukelele and most anything else that you would want a tune out of! (And some things you wouldn't!)



Also has had a sharp haircut. Not related to Graham or Aaron in any way. Plays Drums. Does vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Tambourine.

4th and 5th (and 6th?) Band Members

There have been many people who have helped us out over the years, check out our History page for all the details...

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"Band Outing" to Teamsport Indoor Karting

No Guitars. No Drums. Just speed. 

Fastest Single Lap Most Often In The Band, and first to be Black Flagged  awards goes to Seb

Fastest Single Lap the Second Most Times award, Never Black-Flagged award, and Most Spins award all go to Aaron

Fastest Average Speed Over All The Laps award, and Sooo Nearly Smashing into the back of Aaron's Kart Under a Red Flag award both go to Graham

Great fun!   But not as much fun as gigging?


The Spoon Snake came no-where!!

He just sat in his kart (No arms or legs!) couldn't steer or accelerate! 

Wasted his money. 

No, you're not nothing...But you do look a bit like Da Moon fella? Are you related to him?