The History of Half A Dog One Third of Half A Dog.... (a Sixth?)

Aaron had been having piano lessons from age 6, but at around 12 he showed an interest in guitars. So, his Mum and Dad (Graham) bought him his first guitar and an amp for his birthday. (But no headphones! Basic error?) 

Luckily, he showed great promise and talent, and there were no horrible noises (Well, not many, anyway)

Sebastian (Sorry, only his mother calls him that!) Seb had also started drum lessons at an early age, and ended up very good at it, as well.

Graham heard Seb and Aaron "jamming" one day when they were about 16, and said, "You guys are really good. You should start a band". Aaron replied, "we haven't got a bass player". An on-loan bass guitar was standing up in the corner, so Graham asked to have a go...

Soon, "Monkey Wrench"  (Foo Fighters) was learned by the Old Man, followed by Creepin' Up The Backstairs (Fratellis) and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (Jet)... and suddenly a band was born... 

A band name was required...

No-one could come up with one, so a joke punchline from when Aaron & Seb were about 15 was used...

Q. When is a door not a door??? 

A. When it's half a dog!

(Not funny, so it becomes funny??...Maybe not?)

But nothing else fitted, so 

Half A Dog  it had to be!

The rest, as they probably don't say, is history...



People who have joined us for various gigs and performances...

(Thank you Chaps and Chappesses)

Will Varah  (Rhythm Guitar)

Joe Best  (Bass Guitar and Rythmn)


Ryan Taylor  (Rythmn, Vocals & Keyboard

Xena Buller  (Vocals & Tambourine)

Rosie Burgess  (Keyboard, Vocals, Tambo and Cor Englais)

Danielle Kua  (Vocals)

Charlotte Hunter  (Vocals and Keyboard)

Hope Johnson  (Keys)

Barney Smith  (Maracas and Vocal)

David Hodson  (Rythmn Guitar)

Rosie Hodson  (NOT two people called Rosie! David & Rosie got married !  And then had a baby!)

Natasha Prosser  (Vocals)

Jonah Webster  (Rhythm Guitar and some Keys, that he never knew he could play, until we made him!)


Technologically skilled people who have helped us on the mixing desk etc, at some of our gigs in the past ...

(Thank you Guys and Dolls)

Kim Wallis

Ryan Taylor

David Hodson

And some Lighting & Graphics  

on many occasions from...

Xena Buller 


Aaron, Graham and Seb would also like to thank their brilliant "other halves" for putting up with all the time they have spent away rehearsing for gigs... 

Lots of Love to 

Steph, Sian and Robyn.