Some of the nice comments made by people we have Gigged for in the past...

Some kind words from Fred and Ellie

Our December 2018 gig at Fred and Ellie's wedding...


Thanks for your kind words. We had a great time as well. 

My own highlight was everyone joining in so enthusiastically with the "Scottish National Anthem" - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)   Awesome...

The band wishes you guys all the best for your future together. 

Some other nice things said..

June 2017 gig in Esher, Surrey

"We just wanted to say many thanks again for last night at our celebration event. The music was fantastic, it was just a shame that we ran behind schedule so you couldn't get all your songs in.

Hopefully we'll have more time next year.

All the best"


(We enjoyed it too. People boogying on down to the music and clearing up, at the same time, at the end. Great memories for me, too. Especially Rupert hoovering, singing and dancing along to Free / All Right Now)

Some more nice things said...

Dan & Gail's wedding Sep 2016


Thanks to Gail and Dan for their above comments. Glad you guys enjoyed it.  We had a blast as well. My great memory from your wedding was looking out at all of the action on the dance floor (See photo on cover page of website) All you Guys and Girls were Awesome!

2019 Update:   I bumped into Gail & Dan recently, and they are STILL raving about the gig we did. Very kind of you. Thanks,  you lovely people.

Dan and Gail's Wedding. 2016


Thanks to Jeanette and John (Mother and Father of the Groom) for the above comments. We really loved it, too. A great day all round. 

John & Judith's joint 80th Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary party 2015


Thanks to John and Judith for the comments above. We won't forget how so many old people jumped up and danced like crazy as soon as we played the intro for Rock Around The Clock...Awesome memory


Remember 2012?...The Olympics in London...Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France...Chelsea won the Champions League...Andy Murray won the US Open (and the Olympic Gold)...Europe won the Ryder Cup with the biggest last day comeback ever...What a sporting Year! 

And Skyfall was packing them in at the cinemas.


In October 2012 we played at The Hand & Spear, Weybridge, Surrey for Alan's 40th Birthday Party...

I was trawling through my emails, and found this review from Alan's Wife, Claire.

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To Half a dog,

I just wanted to say a BIG MASSIVE thank you for playing at my husband's 40th!

You were amazing, and what's even more impressive is that you got the both of us dancing, (we don't dance, ever, not normally 😂.)

Everyone said how good they thought you were and what an amazing time they had. The second part of the entertainment that I'd hired for the evening (a magician's act who were also amazing) asked me if you had a card they could have because they thought you  were great. The only downside was that there weren't more hours in the day for you to carry on.

Thanks again for your brilliant songs and frontman entertainment 😉

To anyone thinking of hiring 'Half a dog'

DO IT!!! You won't regret it!

All the best for the future

Claire Drummy

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Thanks to Claire for this review. 

We enjoyed it, too. My best memory of the gig was when we finished with one of Alan's favourite bands, Pearl Jam and Animal...A great loud noise to finish on!!