Some recent GoPro shots of Half a Dog rehearsing some songs.

Recorded on a GoPro on a shelf, and only rehearsals, so we were unable to mix any sounds post-recording, but we think they came out OK. 

See what you think?

Johnny B Goode & All Shook Up

Mr Chuck Berry's, "Johnny B Goode",

straight into, "All Shook Up", by Elvis.

(Two classic 50's Rock 'n' Roll tunes)

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Off to the 60's with The Rolling Stones', "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

(Spot Jonah texting his part in?)

I Saw Her Standing There

More 60's with The Beatles' opening track from their 1st ever album...

a 1,2,3,4!!!!!!

(Jonah WattsApping his part in this time?)

Interlude & Hysteria

Some Noughties music now, with Muse's Interlude straight into Hysteria.

(Turn up the volume and enjoy!)

We LOVE  makin' noise

Dreaming Of You

Noughties again.

This one is "Dreaming Of You", by the Coral. 

(Spot the Santa hat... 

Well, it was Christmas!...

And it was cold!)

Whole Lotta Rosie!!

AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" now.

Originally from 1977

This version is a "Bullet For My Valentine" live version they did for Radio 1 in 2012.

Aaron hadn't quite learned the guitar solo at this point, but managed to blag through it!  (He has now got it!) 

'Ave it !!

More to follow...?

(Meantime, you could watch Timelapse of a Cold Winter Day...??)